My New Year Wishes For You

1) Learn to live in the moment, don’t dwell on the past or present
2) Surround yourself with safety, warmth and happiness
3) Understand that most things are out of your control
4) Focus on gratitude everyday
5) Think positive thoughts
6) Believe in yourself
7) Listen to your gut feeling
8) Show sympathy
9) Worry less
10) Learn to be comfortable spending time alone
11) Be loving and caring
12) Focus on your own life
13) Envision your best life and work towards making it happen
14) Take responsibility for your life and your actions
15) Don’t own problems that don’t belong to you
16) Accept that things will never be perfect
17) Say what you mean
18) Know when to walk away from a situation that is harming your well-being
19) Take care of yourself
20) Help those in need as much as possible
21) Appreciate your health
22) Realize what matters most in your life
23) Spend your time doing things that make you happy
24) Forgive, don`t hold onto negative thoughts and feelings
25) Inspire others
26) Forget about jealousy
27) Learn to truly accept things for what they are
28) When someone shows you who they are, believe them
29) Learn to listen more
30) Enjoy every minute with loved ones


Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

A Christmas With Less Gifts and More Love

We as a society are encouraged to consume… even if you can’t afford it, consume!! It’s sad. So many people live in debt trying to keep up with what society leads them to believe is a way of happier living – the more you own, the happier you are. The fact is, most people are trying to fill a void in their lives or themselves that shopping will never fill.

My husband and I rarely exchange gifts. The reason is simple, we don’t need anything. We buy what we need throughout the year, we enjoy experiences together and we celebrate with spending time together. Gifts don’t represent our love for one another, our everyday life does.

This year, I look at the toys and clothes my 2 year old son already has. He doesn’t need a thing. Yet, family and friends are anxious to buy him Christmas gifts. In all honesty, that money could be spent elsewhere I’m sure. There are many people in need. So why do we keep giving into consumerism as a way of life?

Recently I went to a birthday party for his 3 year old friend. Much like myself, this friends mother is of the same mindset of not wanting to accumulate more clutter of toys in the house, as the kids have more than enough. So she asked that I go without a gift, so I did. It felt weird, but I would ask her to do the same. That feeling got me thinking, why do we feel the need to give gifts that aren’t needed? Society pressures us to show gift giving as the main sign of caring for another person. Reality is, the little boy had no clue we didn’t bring a gift for him. My son and him enjoy each others company immensely and they remain friends!

I recently read The Gift of Not Giving A Thing online and it suggests the giving the gift of time, love or experiences. In the long run, children will not necessary remember a certain toy they received, but they will remember an experience. Think about it. There are tons of gift ideas that are possible without giving a thing. I’m not saying children shouldn’t receive any gifts at all, I just think there is room to focus on reducing the items we give or receive and replace it with love or experiences.

This Christmas I encourage you to re-evaluate the gifts you give and receive. Are they necessary? What if you changed things up a bit? Focused on teaching the kids how to help others in need, went to a hockey game, went on a road trip, watched a movie together or just hung out. My son loves when people come to visit him. I know it means more to him than most of his toys!

Focus your energy on the things that really matter the most: helping others, showing love, spending quality time with family and friends and enjoying life!

The Gift of Love

The Gift of Not Giving a Thing

Choosing Happiness


Everyday when we wake up we make a subconscious choice of how we are going to focus our energy. For me, the challenge is to live in the present (as opposed to focusing on the past or future). Some people find it difficult to not live their lives in the past, I find it difficult not to live in the future. For me, it is a challenge to avoid thoughts of how things may turn out or questions of “what if”. A friend once told me “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!”. This stuck with me, as I am a planner, and have to come to the realization plans will only get you so far! So, everyday I try to focus on the day, knowing the past is gone and the future is out of my control (for the most part). Contentment, gratitude and love are key in my journey towards happiness. When I focus on these three things, I look at what I am surrounded with. Not everything is happy and positive in my life, but there are tons of things to be thankful for! By things, I don’t mean material things.

Consider each of these questions.. avoid materialistic answers.

What makes you feel content? For me, having a loving family that is together, surrounding myself with positive people.

What are you grateful for? For me I am grateful for countless things including my health, my family, security of a job, security of a home, freedom, having a safe environment, experiences with friends and family (the list is endless).

What does love look like in your life? For me, nothing compares to the love of my husband and son, family and friends.

Now, why wouldn’t you want to fill your mind with thoughts like these? I know you can’t completely forget negative things that may exist, but you can choose not to focus your energy and thoughts on it. I know I am much happier when I am not focusing on the negative. Happiness is a choice :)

My Perfect Life… Hardly


People go through life making a lot of assumptions and judgements. Reality – most assumptions are wrong. Recently, someone made a comment to me about an assumption they had about me. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. It made me question what other assumptions people may or may not have about me. Why are people so quick to judge others?  

Most people don’t like being judged. We can’t control what people assume or if they choose to judge others. That is part of internal dialogue they have with themselves. What I can tell you is I am far from perfect, we are all far from perfect. Perfection does not exist. 

At the end of the day, who are we to judge others? We are all human. We all go through life’s ups and downs. We each have our own experiences. We all have feelings. We all want something about us we would like to change. We all have a story. That’s life. It’s not perfect, it just is.

Choices: How Do You Choose to Live Your Life?

Today I choose to be better than I was yesterday.

I choose to make the rest of my life as the best of my life. 

I choose to be happy. 

I choose to be peaceful. 

I choose to be ambitious. 

I choose to focus on what is important. 

I choose to be the best mother I can be. 

I choose to be the best wife I can be. 

I choose to love and surround myself with love. 

I choose to forgive. 

I choose to let go of the past. 

I choose to make my life what I want it to be. 

I choose to have hope. 

I choose to think positively. 

I choose to love myself. 

I choose to help others. 

I choose to dream. 

I choose to take responsibility for myself.

I choose to only worry about my own life. 

I choose to be healthy.

I choose to be successful.

How do you choose to live your life?


Critical Thinking: The Uncommon Practice

Why has most of our society given up on critical thinking? Why is it such an uncommon practice? Is it easier to take someone at face value and not look into things a little further yourself? 

I love thinking critically. Ask questions, find facts, don’t take people’s opinions as being the absolute truth. What’s wrong with doing that? I think it’s the wisest way to be. I have every right to question anything I want, so I do.

There is a great quote:

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” -Volitaire

It’s scary, yet true. All too often you see followers behind one person who are believing absurdities. They continue to follow without asking, just following blindly – believing. We have witnessed it numerous time in history, politics, life. Sad.

Are you currently following anyone blindly? Believing things you may actually question? Don’t ignore your gut feelings. Ask, challenge, be critical. It’s a safe and healthy way to live your life. Why would you let one person lead to down a path in life blindly without thinking critically for yourself? It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. Don’t let this be based on someone’s opinion. Be more open-minded, evaluate and challenge the situation or the person.


Critical thinking provides us with explanation and understanding. Critical thinking helps us to form answers that are logical, clear, accurate – things “make sense”. This also helps us to think about things on our own terms and avoid being manipulated by others. Critical thinking will help you develop control over your thought process that is beneficial in understanding yourself and others. Take the time to evaluate before you believe. 

Stop and think.

Life is on track: Right where I’m meant to be


Have you ever got that feeling that your life is exactly where it’s supposed to be? I had that moment yesterday as I was driving. I took this picture, it’s what made me think of my life: at one point it was in somewhat of a fog, not knowing where I was heading and not feeling like I was on the right track. Now, I feel like things are right where they are meant to be. I’m 30 years old, I have a loving and supportive husband, our son has been the most amazing gift imaginable, we both have good jobs, a home that is so cozy and ours, with lots of family and friends in our life and we are healthy. A new business opportunity has fallen at my feet thanks to a great new friend of mine and the sky is the limit! I love feeling like things are on track and right where they are meant to be, but it takes work. Dedication to foresee where you want to be in life and a plan to work towards how you are going to get there. Anything is possible. Are you clear on what you want your life to look like? What are your priorities? What is your plan?

It’s never too late to get your life on track. It’s a new year, a new chapter. Change your thoughts, change your world!

Thank you for reading my blog and living life forward with me :)